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Book Review: Chasing The Demon (Gateway Book 2) By Louise G white

Hello all, I hope you are all well. I myself am enjoying the turn of seasons and the encroaching of dark nights. Autumn and Winter are fantastic times to settle down with a nice hot drink and a good book. A little while ago, I did a review on a book called 'The Calling' By… Continue reading Book Review: Chasing The Demon (Gateway Book 2) By Louise G white

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Book review: Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers – Alistair Roberts

Last night I finished reading Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers by Alistair Roberts. The book itself is set just after the time of King Arthur and the author does a good job in making the speech not only easy to understand, but keeping with the time and rhythm expected, translating, where necessary,… Continue reading Book review: Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers – Alistair Roberts

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Darrienia and Herbal Lore are now available.

Darrienia and Herbal Lore are now available. If you enjoy fantasy, or would like to know more about the uses of herbs in magical or medicinal practices, don't forget to pick up your copy today. By buying one of my books you will also be helping to support either the neonatal department of the UHNM… Continue reading Darrienia and Herbal Lore are now available.

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Darrienia Final teaser

For my final teaser I decided to do something a little different. I thought this image on its own was so fantastic that I didn't want to add any text, instead I will leave you with this small excerpt. "The timeless room gave pause to their own mortality, before them countless figures had sat in… Continue reading Darrienia Final teaser

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Darrienia – Teaser one

Welcome to the first teaser, thank you again to the wonderful person who deigned these for me. I am really excited about sharing all the wonderful images. This is the first of four teasers leading up to the release of Darrienia. Don't forget as well as all the proceeds of the fundraising raffle, 10% of the… Continue reading Darrienia – Teaser one

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Darrienia – Cover Reveal

It is with great pleasure that I finally reveal the all new cover for my upcoming book Darrienia, book one in The Forgotten Legacies Series This cover was selected from a number that were specifically designed based on topics/ items found or covered within the book. I finally opted on this one as I found… Continue reading Darrienia – Cover Reveal

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Book release date and FF14

Good morning everyone.  I hope you are having a good week so far. It has been a while since I last got chance to update my blog or FB so I thought I would take this rare opportunity of peace to do just that. I finally have a definite release date for my book. Darrienia,… Continue reading Book release date and FF14


My book, my charity.

Good morning all, I have received most of my promo items now for my book Darrienia 🙂 the plan is to open an online donation for the University Hospital of North Staffs's (aka city general) neonatal ward.  I still need to look into how t go about this.  Then when my book Darrienia comes out, possibly the… Continue reading My book, my charity.

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Halloween is coming.

Hi all, I hope you are well. Sadly I just wrote this and then something strange happened with my pc and it was gone.   Not to worry, let's try it again. There's no news to report on the book front as yet, it is very much a waiting game. I know It is early… Continue reading Halloween is coming.


Autumn is here

There is a definite chill in the air now, the leaves have that wonderful red orange blaze and I could even see my breath this morning, it is time to bundle up. I notice these things more as I try to take my son to the park at least a few times a week, each time… Continue reading Autumn is here