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The Severaine: Cover reveal

It is with great excitement and pleasure I take this moment to reveal the cover of my next book, The Severaine, Book 2 in The Forgotten Legacies Series.

I want to take a brief moment to thank the person who painstakingly designed not only the cover, but the amulet from the description in my book. This cover is beyond what I could have hoped for. You know who you are, you don’t wish to be named, but thank you.

Without further ado, I give you, The Severaine

severaine cover reveal

Whilst The Severaine is a stand alone story, here’s the link to the first book in the series, Darrienia, which is currently a finalist in the Independent Author Book of the Year awards, in case you want to read it. Darrienia book link

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Herbal Lore, Cover reveal

Hi all,

Once again it is with great pleasure I reveal the cover for yet another of my books. My second title, Herbal Lore, is due for release on September 1st.


This book is the result of many years experience and work. Initially, and strangely, the idea to collaborate all my research into a book came from one of my characters from Darrienia. The end result far surpassed what I was hoping to achieve.

This book not only covers the application and use of herbs from a medicinal viewpoint, but also from a magical one as well.

It also contains detailed step-by-step guides on making many useful items for using the herbs in either craft.

15% of all author royalties received from this title will be donated to The St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) who provide practical and emotional support to military personnel, their families and other entitled civilians when they are in hospital, rehabilitation or recovery centres and support patients from all three services, wherever they serve.

Registered Charity Number: 1087210

It is now available for pre-order in both Kindle and paperback format

UK Kindle – £1.99

UK Paperback – £6.99

U.S Kindle – $2.99

U.S. Paperback

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Darrienia – Cover Reveal

It is with great pleasure that I finally reveal the all new cover for my upcoming book Darrienia, book one in The Forgotten Legacies Series


This cover was selected from a number that were specifically designed based on topics/ items found or covered within the book. I finally opted on this one as I found it the most unique, and to be honest, from the moment I saw it, I fell I love with it.

Thanks for stopping by to see the cover, I hope to see you again soon. Don’t forget to stop by on August 1st, when I will be revealing the cover and details for my second book, a non-fiction work, titled Herbal Lore.

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Cover reveal date

As you may know I decided on a different cover to my book than the one I previously selected, it happened after much consideration as I feel the new one is a better fit and it has been designed specifically for my book by a very talented individual.

I am pleased to announce the cover reveal will occur on the 13th July, so be sure to keep an eye out.
Don’t forget, 10% of all author royalties from this title will be donated to the UHNM for use by the neonatal team.

You can also help me raise money for them by entering the Darrienia charity giveaway at
It is open to all countries, and the Amazon gift voucher for the winner will be provided through the winner’s local Amazon and the prizes posted out by myself.
I have already reached 18% of my target so thanks to all of you who have donated so far.

Also on August 1st I will be announcing details of the second title to be released on September 1st, this title will also be donating 10% of author royalties to a selected charity.