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Happy Holidays and self promotion

Hi everyone.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas advent. Out of the 100+ books I have read this year it was really difficult to narrow my list down to just 24 to recommend.

I hope there has been something to pique your interest, and I just want to say thank you for joining me for my book advent calendar.

Now since Christmas, for me at least, is the time to settle down with a good fantasy, be it film or fiction, I’m going to sneak my book links below, yes, it is a little bit of shameless self promotion tagged onto the end of a thanks, but you’ll forgive me right? After all, I spend most of my time promoting other people’s work 🙂

Darrienia – Will they discover the truth in time? Or will those who should be heroes, become nothing more than the pawns of evil?

51gtaxpsgklSettle down this Christmas with the winner of the IAN 2016 Outstanding Fantasy award.

It is said that the past always returns to haunt you. Yet some forgotten pasts have whispered names and a debt for collection. Dangerous curiosities stir a hidden darkness, one that patiently waits to seize control.

The subtle periphery between dream and reality is in peril and those chosen must face the evil behind this looming disaster. But lurking in the shadows, guiding their hand, lies the true threat and a hidden agenda.

Will they discover the truth in time? Or will those who should be heroes, become nothing more than the pawns of evil?

Book links: UK – Darrienia     US – Darrienia

The Severaine – There are some bonds even death cannot destroy.

Civilisations rise and fall leaving only dust and legend in their wake. Kingdoms were lost, and races forgotten. Across the countless span of time one threat rises, heralding the end41txp5pilql of man’s rule, and laying to waste those who defiled its mistress. It is known as the Severaine, a power that in vengeance could bring even the Gods themselves to their knees. Each era overcame this peril so a new world could rise from the ashes of old. Lost within such wisdom could be the answers our heroes seek, a means to stop the threat before a new cycle is born.

But legends can lie and history can be mistaken.

There is another tale, a fable on the lips of few, it speaks of the means to force this power into submission, and there are those who would seek to bend this devastating might to their will.

Creatures rise, guardians wake, and sometimes even the meddling hands of man can turn divine plans awry. The prophesies of old were reforged by death and whisper now a chilling truth. If this path continues unobstructed there is only one conclusion. The end of man and god alike.

But there are some secrets that should never be uncovered and paths which mortals must fear to tread.

When revenge knows no boundaries there are some bonds even death cannot destroy.

Book links: UK – The Severaine     US – The Severaine

Herbal Lore – An asset to anyone wishing to utilise the beneficial properties of herbs

51mkoysojxlThis book covers a wide range of herbs and their uses in both medicinal and magical practices, including sections detailing extraction and application. It also provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions on making a wide range of items encompassing creams, herbal bags, incense, salves, tinctures, and poultices.
Presented in an easy to understand format, with an added definition of terms, making it an asset to anyone wishing to utilise the beneficial properties of herbs.



Book links: UK – Herbal Lore     US – Herbal Lore


Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget, all my books donate a percentage of the royalties to charity.

Happy Holidays everyone x

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Cover reveal date

As you may know I decided on a different cover to my book than the one I previously selected, it happened after much consideration as I feel the new one is a better fit and it has been designed specifically for my book by a very talented individual.

I am pleased to announce the cover reveal will occur on the 13th July, so be sure to keep an eye out.
Don’t forget, 10% of all author royalties from this title will be donated to the UHNM for use by the neonatal team.

You can also help me raise money for them by entering the Darrienia charity giveaway at
It is open to all countries, and the Amazon gift voucher for the winner will be provided through the winner’s local Amazon and the prizes posted out by myself.
I have already reached 18% of my target so thanks to all of you who have donated so far.

Also on August 1st I will be announcing details of the second title to be released on September 1st, this title will also be donating 10% of author royalties to a selected charity.


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Chairty page now open for the Darrienia giveaway

Hi all, it’s a little premature I know, but I have opened the charity page for the UHNM charity, with funds being directed to the Neonatal department.

Anyone wanting to enter the draw for a chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher, two books authored by K.J. Simmill, and other goodies, please check out my fundraising page KJ’s justgiving page

This giveaway is a means to raise funds for the University Hospital of North Midlands, with funds being directed by the charity to support the neonatal departments.

The Winner of the giveaway will be drawn on August 31st, prior to the release of Darrienia on 1st September 2015.

There is no suggested donation, so please give what you feel you can, anything raised will be gratefully received. If you are donating please be sure to leave an email address, so that I can contact you if you are the winner and arrange for the items to be shipped to your location. No details will be used by myself for any means other than contacting the winner.

In addition to this giveaway, in which a donation is requested for entry, the author will also be donating 10% of royalties to the UHNS charity received from the title Darrienia.

I am still in the starting stage of getting everything arranged, details of the items will be added at a later stage, however I can reveal that it will contain the following:

Two books both authored by K.J. Simmill, A £20 Amazon gift voucher, a Darrienia notebook, A pen, and a 2016 calendar.

Please note the cut off date for entry will be August 30th 23:59 GMT, the draw will be held, and the winner announced, on August 31st. The items will then be shipped to the winner.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.


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Book release date and FF14

Good morning everyone.  I hope you are having a good week so far.

It has been a while since I last got chance to update my blog or FB so I thought I would take this rare opportunity of peace to do just that.

I finally have a definite release date for my book. Darrienia, although completely finished and polished now, will be released on September 1st 2015. It is really exciting to have a date, it is a little later than I was originally intending, initially I was going to aim for an end of March release, however as I am an autumn lover myself it seemed fitting to release it then.  Being released at the same time is another book of the non-fiction variety.  A few months back now I woke up at about half four after having a dream conversation with one of my characters, Zo, she’d had a brilliant idea, and better yet, a number of years back I had already done the research so all that I needed to do was convert it to a user friendly format.  It was something I originally did for myself, but Zo was insistent that I had to get up and find it.  It had been so long since I had laid eyes on it, I searched for hours until finally I found it again and I was in a state of awake that was unreal, almost like I had been eating coffee beans or something.  So now that is underway and will hopefully be finished before too long as well, there is even a brief mention to it at the end of the book and at some point in the second book too, almost as if she was waiting for the right time to spring the idea on me.

I recently started playing Final Fantasy 14, I have been promising myself I would get around to it, I do love a good MMORPG, I have played WoW, Rift, Wildstar, Guildwars 1 & 2 (inclusive of all the expansions for 1) I did the beta for ESO as I have really enjoyed the Elder Scroll games, Skyrim being my favourite, but I just couldn’t get into it. I have to say that for me FF14 was a big disappointment. it is the only MMORPG I know that forces you to complete the dungeon to progress the main story, now I know that shouldn’t be a problem but there are a number of reasons I don’t like it.

First and most importantly, is the fact that I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to gaming, I get a few hours in the evening when the little one is in bed, so when I log in and join the compulsory dungeon quest queue and the wait time is over 60 minutes I am straight away put off.  Yes I opted to play a dps character, normally I play a healer, sometimes I tank, I loved the blood death knight build in WoW prior to Pandara, though my paladin was awesome too, but my main was a healer. I always end up playing a healer so I thought this time, let’s try something new, I had no idea it would become such a problem and I don’t want to roll another character or switch classes because I am playing exactly what I want to be.  So back to point, having very limited time means I don’t want to spend it waiting on a dungeon I may or may no get into and manage to complete before I have to stop playing.

Next on my list was the fact I am being forced into doing it, dungeon wise most MMORPGs do a main story with a an end, for instance, in one area you could be trying to find out who is responsible for some underhanded evil deeds, at the end of the quest line you find out and the story is tied up to a point where you know what has happened, you then pick up a dungeon quest where, if you want to, you then get a little extra story, like facing off against this said person, however, no MMORPG I have played has ever forced you to do a dungeon if you didn’t want to, you have always been able to move onto the next line of story without completing it, the exception of course always being the endgame plot where to really get closure on the story you have to play the dungeon, but end game dungeons do tend to have a lot of players queuing so the wait time is never so bad.

For me dungeons have always been something in the background, something I do as and when I get the time, in the meantime I continue with the story and just head back when I feel like it, by removing this option I am now at a point where I can’t continue anymore, I can’t unlock the retainer, meaning I can’t sell anything on the auction house, which is also a big thing for me as I like farming mats, I don’t want to be forced to other areas to do mini side quests, I am already too high a level for the dungeon having completed all the quests I can at this point and I don’t want to fly around doing other bits hoping for a chance to get into a dungeon so I can finally progress the story.

I know a number of seasoned gamers will say join a guild or FC, but this isn’t for everyone, I also find the LFG requests for low level dungeons have never really yielded results, so yes, the waiting system is a good idea, but they are not the first to use it, and given that it is so important to get past this point in the story I feel that being forced into doing something where the wait time is equal to the time I can actually spend playing is quite short sighted in the development.  I really should stop ranting now lol

So that’s it for me and FF14, there have been a number of none dungeon flaws in the game, but until this point I was willing to overlook them. I really wish I hadn’t gone and brought a 60day timecard, it will now just tick down on my account unused and I need to find another MMORPG as I am really in the mood for one now.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

All the best catch you next time.