Good Morning

Good morning, I hope you are all in good health. I don't really have much to report, but thought I would do a quick update. The editing on my book is going well, I probably would have finished it by now if I hadn't decided to change the dialect of one of my main characters,… Continue reading Good Morning


Exciting times

Just a quick fly by update before breakfast.  I am so excited, I have received my very first full manuscript request! I am going to be giving my work one final speed read to check for anything I may have missed in my many, many edits and then off it goes.  I know that nothing… Continue reading Exciting times


Autumn is here

There is a definite chill in the air now, the leaves have that wonderful red orange blaze and I could even see my breath this morning, it is time to bundle up. I notice these things more as I try to take my son to the park at least a few times a week, each time… Continue reading Autumn is here