Autumn is here

There is a definite chill in the air now, the leaves have that wonderful red orange blaze and I could even see my breath this morning, it is time to bundle up.

I notice these things more as I try to take my son to the park at least a few times a week, each time I go new colours line the paths and trees, it’s a beautiful park and I love taking a short walk around it.  It has a lovely little lake, with a nice walk around and of course a play area.  I took a few photos last time I was there, I thought I would share them

270 271 274 276 281

Please excuse the finger over one of them, at the time of taking these my phone screen was on the brink of dying, sadly it has now left us and the black screen of death has made my phone useless.  I am going to try taking it apart later, it is out of warrantee and I could get a new phone for the cost of fixing it, so I will have a go at repairing it myself.

I must be honest I love autumn, although my favourite season is winter.  Every year we have snow without fail I will build a snowman, even if there is less than an inch I will scrape some together and make a mini one.  I am hoping for a lot this year, I can’t wait to see what my little man thinks of it.

Halloween preparations are underway now, it is just a matter of deciding which pumpkins to do this year.  My son’s costume has arrived, he is crawling properly now so I got him a spider one that has legs sticking out of the side, that way when he’s crawling he’ll look like a spider.  I have whittled my choice down to two so far, nothing fancy though.

Anyway, I really should be doing some editing, my second book has been sadly neglected this week, I feel as if I have not done anything with it.

Hope you all have a great day, thanks for stopping by.


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