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Let’s talk book Marketing!

Hi everyone.

Those of you who frequent my blog may have noticed a minor change in the form of a new menu, Articles, which possess two subsections; Digital Marketing, and Writing Tips

Here you will not only easily find any useful tips I share going forward, but also information on marketing. (No, I am not trying to sell you any services)

I am taking a course in marketing, and I am finding it really useful. So I thought I would interpret and share the knowledge and focusing it on the dreaded book marketing platform. Let’s be honest, we love writing, but most of us don’t like the marketing side. I am hoping this may help. Continue reading “Let’s talk book Marketing!”


Writer review – Michael Frost – Horror

I often find myself returning to the blog of a particular writer. I feel it highly unfair, since I am enjoying his short stories so much, that the joy, (or should I say bone chilling horror?), I experience reading his work should go unmentioned. This writer is Michael Frost and his work can be found here Michael Frost’s page

I think Mr Frost has a very distinctive writing style, for me it conjures a very particular feeling and image. Imagine, if you will, all those Christmas movies which start, or are introduced, by a well known author sat before an open log fire, imagine the warmth and comfort you feel from that image, from that person. Then as the story begins you find not the merriment of Christmas cheer, but a deeply disturbing tale which sends goose bumps chasing up and down your skin as the images conjured with such mastery of words as that some of the images leave you feeling chilled to the very depths of your soul.

I personally prefer reading horror when the dark nights are closing in, I love creating an atmosphere, especially for reading horror. If I don’t go to bed concerned about what horrors conjured by the tales may find me then, although I could praise a story’s merits, I wouldn’t sing it’s praises. So far this writer’s work has indeed plagued my rather active imagination, and in broad daylight no less.  Just this morning I read ‘The Attic’ and thus far it has been the most horrifying yet, although I am not reading his work in any particular order. After reading it I had to visit the the hospital, and as I walked the long empty corridor, carrying my son, I heard a strange scraping sound from above. It didn’t take much for my mind to return to the story and wonder what horrors lay within the crawl spaces above, waiting for the right opportunity to lore their prey into their trap, pulling them into their own version of this story as below, people walked by unaware, or even dismissive, of what may be causing the strange noises heard from above.

One thing is for certain, Michael Frost is certainly a master of his craft, some of his stories go beyond what is expected from them, surprising the reader and taking them to whole new levels of terror as they are forced to imagine themselves in that position, in that place. Of course, he possesses many different styles of story, psychological, horrific, terrible, and sometimes haunting. Each tale differs so greatly to the last, not only in story, but in atmosphere and the emotions it invokes in the reader. Sometimes the horror is obvious, sometimes it is written with gentle subtlety. His style adapting to the needs of the story effortlessly.

I sincerely hope you will take the time to visit Michael Frost’s website and see for yourself the many faces of horror this writer has not only captured, but shows such proficiency in.

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Halloween is coming.

Hi all, I hope you are well.

Sadly I just wrote this and then something strange happened with my pc and it was gone.   Not to worry, let’s try it again.

There’s no news to report on the book front as yet, it is very much a waiting game.

I know It is early but I have already done some Christmas shopping, the hard part now is not giving the people I have brought for the things early.

I’m honestly not sure how a writer finds time to write with the necessary distraction of Facebook, Twitter and Blogging for all those wanting to build a following and if they are fortunate enough to have their work out there, there is promoting as well.  Once I have caught up with posts, tweets, retweets etc I find I am out of time.  That said I do only have a small window in the middle of the day while my little one is napping.  Maybe when I am more accustomed to social media it will become more streamlined.  I was amazed, today I actually passed 500 followers on Twitter!  So if any of you reading this follow me there too a big thank you!

I can’t believe where this month has gone.  It’ll be Halloween before we know it.  In fact my little one has a spider costume all ready and picked out, although he is a little too young for trick or treating just yet.  I have a few costumes to choose from, but I haven’t committed yet.  We may not live in America but myself and my husband do try to make Halloween special for all those little monsters that come calling for candy.  This year the decorations are going up on the 26th, just before my birthday.  It’s quite sad really as there are a lot of children in the area but we seem to be the only people in the street who seem to make a big deal out of it, we even give the candy out in little coffin shaped boxes too.


I have seen a lot of posts this week regarding the importance of reading to children, I honestly couldn’t agree more.  My little boy is 20 months old tomorrow and he has been read to since before he was born, even now he loves his books more than his toys.  On that note I thought I would share a picture of us reading his favourite book “Where’s Spot?”.

We keep all of his books in a big plastic box, we need a new one as it is overflowing, but given the choice between two books he will choose this one every time.

Last but not least, since we did some finger-painting this morning I am going to do what any proud Mummy does and share his wonderful artwork.

20141017_101024 20141017_101020

That’s it for me, when the Halloween decorations go up I will share some pictures.

Have a great week x

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Work in progress

Hi all and welcome to my blog.  I am fairly new to social media and a complete novice at blogging.  These are things I am attempting to correct in hope to meet new people and (I won’t lie) hopefully generate a following for my work.

I am an aspiring fantasy author, although currently seeking agent representation for my work I do have high hopes that at some point in the future my work will be available for the public.

It’s an exciting time, my worst enemy at the moment is impatience.  I have worked really hard on ensuring the quality of my work, the strength of plot and characters.  I am eager to hear something, anything back from the people I have submitted my work to.  I have already received two rejections, yet one of them had a positive spins and advised  that the work wasn’t quite right for them, but I should keep looking.  It was a much nicer rejection than the form letters or no replies I had anticipated.  I imagine I will have many more rejections, but it only takes one person to say yes, one person to believe that my work is a good fit for their company.  I am optimistic, optimistic but impatient, I really want people to read my work, to hear what they think, good or bad, every opinion.

I plan to keep this blog as a record of my thoughts and progress on my aim of becoming a published author, if you are reading it, I hope you’ll enjoy sharing this journey with me.