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Let’s talk book Marketing!

Hi everyone.

Those of you who frequent my blog may have noticed a minor change in the form of a new menu, Articles, which possess two subsections; Digital Marketing, and Writing Tips

Here you will not only easily find any useful tips I share going forward, but also information on marketing. (No, I am not trying to sell you any services)

I am taking a course in marketing, and I am finding it really useful. So I thought I would interpret and share the knowledge and focusing it on the dreaded book marketing platform. Let’s be honest, we love writing, but most of us don’t like the marketing side. I am hoping this may help.One of the articles I want to write is about identifying your target audience, so you know who is most likely to pick up your book, and that is where you wonderful people come in.

Below I have created a short survey to look at reading habits. Now I have not done anything like this before, but I am hoping to be able to take this data, and based on it make a post that will suggest a starting point for refining your marketing strategy to reach those most likely to want to read your book. We all have an idea who we think will like our work, but do the facts reflect this? Let’s find out (I hope).

Now, this will only work if I can get a good sample of data (and it comes together in a useful way, as I said, I’ve not used this before so it is all new to me)

Worst-case scenario there will be a current reading trend analysis based on the sample, and best case, I can drill down and work out who likes what based on factors and create a baseline template for genres and topics for you. Either way, it should make a fun read. So please, share, reblog, and fill in the survey. The more people this reaches the better insight we will get.

Here is the urvey link:

Take the survey here

And here is the text link, pass it on if you want to.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are all having a great week.

See you next time x


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