My book, my charity.

Good morning all,

I have received most of my promo items now for my book Darrienia 🙂 the plan is to open an online donation for the University Hospital of North Staffs’s (aka city general) neonatal ward.  I still need to look into how t go about this.  Then when my book Darrienia comes out, possibly the end of March this year I am doing 2 events.

The first will be an online event, hosted through social media, where the book and promo items such as pens, a bag, a notebook, and maybe some other things money permitting will be up for grabs.   After a timescale yet to be determined, the winner will be selected from the names of donors on the fundraising site, announced, and I will announce the winner on social media and request they contact me so I can post out the goodies to them and anything raised will go to the neonatal ward.

The second will be held in Hanley, I have yet to approach the book shop so I can’t say for certain they will go for it, but it operates on the same principal, donation for a raffle ticket, raffle drawn for the winner and all proceeds to go to the neonatal unit.

In addition 10% of any author royalties received will be donated to the charity.  I may sell very few, but even a few pence or pounds is better than nothing.

I have  total of 4 books, (although only one is ready at the moment) so as each one is released over the next few years I will be doing the same thing, with a different charity for each one.

Well I will leave you now with a picture of my book’s front cover 🙂



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