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On the 5th day of advent K.J. recommends to me….

Every day on the run up to Christmas I am going to recommend a book that I truly enjoyed reading.

On the 5th day of Christmas K.J’s advent recommends;

Louise 1

The Calling by Louise G White (Twitter @LGWhiteAuthor)

Action packed with vivid characters and an engaging plot.

Buy it here.

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On the 5th day of advent K.J recommends to me…
The Calling by @LGWhiteAuthor

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Please note: this is something I am doing in recognition of the books I have enjoyed. The authors do not know they have been selected, and have in no way asked to participate. I receive no form of profit from these recommendations.

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Book review: Pledged by Louise G White Book 3 in the Gateway Series

Pledged by Louise G White is the third and final instalment in the Gateway Series.

Having read the first two instalments in this series I couldn’t wait to see where Carolyn’s fate led her next. Of course with so much happening between books one and two, and such a fantastic array of unique characters with their own challenges, Carolyn’s story wasn’t the only one I was interested in.9780993081781

Starting shortly after the end of the last book, we are straight away emerged back into the story. I particularly liked how, in this book, the author had done subtitles highlighting the person’s point of view you were following at that time. I have never seen this in anything I have read before now, and thought it worked really well – especially when I was ready to turn in for the night and my eye caught who’s next, compelling me to read for just a little longer. The story itself is not only well constructed but possesses the author’s familiar flowing rhythm with her visual and immersive style.

Continue reading “Book review: Pledged by Louise G White Book 3 in the Gateway Series”

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Author interview: Louise G White

I take great pleasure introducing one of my favourite authors from 2015, Louise G White, creator of The Calling, Chasing the Demon, and Pledged, all books in her remarkable Gateway series.

If you haven’t already picked up some of her work, she comes highly recommended.

About the Author

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

meHello K.J, Thanks for having me.

I was born and raised on the west coast of Scotland where it’s fairly cold for most of the year but also very beautiful. I am part of a large, very close family. Rather dysfunctional at times, it just makes for a more interesting life. I’ve learned a lot of skills through the years, in particular during my nursing years and whilst working as a police constable. I put a great deal of what I’ve learned into my writing.



What are your hobbies?

I love to spend time with my family and friends. I’m a fan of holidays, rollercoasters and all things Disney. As a keen swimmer, I’m a member of the local club and I’m there two or three times a week. I also walk a lot and visit/explore the local Islands and mountains.

Which writers inspire you?

Stephen King, Terry Brooks, Stacia Kane and Holly Black. These authors all create believable  characters no matter how fantastical the circumstances.

For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or paper/hard back books?

Either works fine for me, K.J. but e-books are much more convenient whilst out and about.

What are you reading at present?

I’ve just finished Rose Montague’s, Jewel, and I loved it. Continue reading “Author interview: Louise G White”

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Book Review: Chasing The Demon (Gateway Book 2) By Louise G white

Hello all, I hope you are all well.

I myself am enjoying the turn of seasons and the encroaching of dark nights. Autumn and Winter are fantastic times to settle down with a nice hot drink and a good book.

A little while ago, I did a review on a book called ‘The Calling’ By Louise G White, I enjoyed this book so much that I brought the second book in the series, and gave it a good place on my ever growing reading list.

The second book in the Gateway series is titled ‘Chasing the Demon’ and I enjoyed it as much as the first. There was the return of familiar characters and the introduction of new ones. As expected from any series, it takes the ideas and concepts introduced in the first book and expands on them to create a better understanding of the world, missions and characters

It’s hard to provide plot details, without giving away the ending of the first book, which I still must say is a highly recommended read. But with no spoilers in sight I will say that the author builds on the already created relationships, and possesses the smooth, flawless, and entertaining character interaction which gripped my intention in the first book.

A lot more information is given on the agency, and through the plot we come to understand more of their practices, as well as understand the motivations of most of the characters for doing what they do.

The author’s writing style is clear and enjoyable, her description and plot drive the plot forwards and keep the reader hooked from the first page.

I am looking forwards to reading the next one, which has already been added to my reading list.

US Chasing The Demon (Gateway Book 2)

UK Chasing The Demon (Gateway Book 2)