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Marketing: Building a Customer Profile – Part Two – Behaviour


In my previous article we began to put together a customer profile of your reader based on demographic, that is to say, location, age, and gender. But as an author you know such basic information is only the first part in character creation. To continue to build a profile of our customer we next need to look at how they behave. Understanding this shows us where and how we should be looking to reach them.

We could have the most amazing advertising campaign, but if it is appearing in the wrong places and not being seen by our intended audience then it is failing to generate leads, interest, and custom.
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308 words that can be used instead of said

Over the last several years I have been compiling a list of words that can be used in place of said. I have already shared this list with come of you as part of support groups, but I decided, since I recently publicly posted it on Facebook, I may as well add it to my website.

So I give to you, 316 tags (I know the title says 308 but I found a more recent file since posting). Although one of the words, is indeed, the word said, and some are intended to be used in conjunction with others

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