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Book review: The Paper Boy – Diana J Febry (@DianaJFebry)

It is impossible to forget your first murder scene. More so if you believe 41xgwd83KlLthe case in question hadn’t been resolved correctly. When a recent stabbing appears to have a connection to these events it is time for DCI Hatherall to finally explore the overlooked leads in a case that almost ruined his career. He can see things no one else can, avenues left unexplored that are now able to be reopened, but will his desire to prove he was right back then endanger the case, or had justice turned a blind eye all those years ago? 

I do so love it when a plot comes together, and in Diana J Febry’s The Paper Boy, it certainly does. Pete Hatherall is back in this engaging murder mystery, not only tackling murder, but sensitive issues. I loved watching the plot unfold as Fiona and Peter delve deeper into the mystery, uncovering links that, if not for Peter’s past, would have gone undetected. This isn’t the first book I have read by this talented novelist, I love how the murder investigation and character development progress, and appreciated the attention to detail. There are parts of this novel that remind me of a combination of Morse, Midsomer Murders, and Lewis. This is a book you can really lose yourself in, and you can’t help but guess how the escalating situation will conclude.

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