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Book review: Resolutions – Stephen Drake

Murdock and his tribe face the next influx of humans forced from Earth.
reviewThese pods bring more humans than ever, and where new blood appears, trouble follows. The last settlers, still holding grudges against Murdock, move against him and his tribe, while trying to secure new blood for themselves.  Meanwhile, those heeding his advice venture further afield,
finding new dangers and terrors within this strange land. Each new pod brings with it new challenges, but this one was special, this one not only harboured humans, but the very enemy of the Oomah. Change is coming, and the bonds of loyalty will be tested to their limits, and beyond.

I have followed this series from the beginning, and highly recommend book one as a starting place to give you a full appreciation for the depth and complexities of the story. The characters are diverse, interesting and well-conceived, and the plot has more than one surprise in store, as well as some revelations and explanations to really answer any questions raised from the
previous books. As a reader you are drawn straight into the story, to the
hardships and difficulties. You’ll love, hate, and weep as you are integrated
into the characters’ lives. Action, chaos, vengeance, hope, judgement,
survival, and love mesh to create a plot like no other and one that, as always, leaves
you wanting more.

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