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Book review: Resolutions – Stephen Drake

Murdock and his tribe face the next influx of humans forced from Earth. These pods bring more humans than ever, and where new blood appears, trouble follows. The last settlers, still holding grudges against Murdock, move against him and his tribe, while trying to secure new blood for themselves.  Meanwhile, those heeding his advice venture… Continue reading Book review: Resolutions – Stephen Drake

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Book Review: Civilization by Stephen Drake

Civilization is the second book in Stephen Drake's Displaced series. Five years have past since Murdock first found himself on this planet, and the time has come for more Humans to arrive. But there are things here that should be protected. Murdock is the guardian of the Oomah, and now it falls to him to… Continue reading Book Review: Civilization by Stephen Drake

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Author interview: Stephen Drake

It is with great pleasure I welcome the author of the Displaced series, Stephen Drake. I've recently had the pleasure of reading the pre-release version of Civilization, it was so brilliant I've since purchased book one. If you love vivid characters, brilliant dialect and an engrossing plot you'll love this author. About the author Tell… Continue reading Author interview: Stephen Drake