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Book review: Chariots of War: Decimation – Paul Liversage

The Skeletexians spread their rule across space like a plague of locust, devouring reviewtechnology and destroying all in their wake. This time, however, their paths crossed with the wrong species. The Federation are not afraid to fight back, and the ensuing war is a battle for survival itself.

Chariots of War: Decimation is the science fiction debut by Paul Liversage. This novella sets a good foundation of knowledge into the development and progress of humanity. It reads a lot like a historical perspective, whereby the plot explores events rather than the lives and interactions of characters while focusing on the unfolding war and tactics. There are are some epic space battles, written in such a way that any Trekkie would at once have fond flashbacks to their own favourite captain battling the odds. This is a great foundation, with plenty of detail and action. I look forward to watching the author’s style grow and develop.

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