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Book review: The Oldest Enemy – Micheal J Webb (@mjwebbbooks)

Pastor David Lighthouse had to do something. The events he had seen unfold were too reviewsimilar to those he had witnessed before, events which had surrounded his own fiancé and haunted him to this day. He was certain he could do something the police could not, find answers. Although they were answers not everyone would be willing to entertain. Using his skills as an investigative reporter he begins to dig, placing himself once more in the crosshairs as a prime suspect. The deeper he digs, the more harrowing the truth becomes, and the more it seems something wishes to prevent him from reaching the truth. Overcome vices tempt him like never before, testing his faith and discipline as he delves deeper into a battle that has waged for centuries. They say it is always darkest at the foot of a lighthouse, and there is a definite darkness surrounding him, but so too is he a source of light, and perhaps even a means to drive back the darkness and prevent those who would unleash an ancient evil upon their world from succeeding.

If you were to take the first season of Supernatural and add a more political and Christian twist, you would find yourselves with Michael J Webb’s The Oldest Enemy. Written in a smooth and flowing style you’ll find yourself hooked, unable to put it down, unable to look away, and unable to shake that foreboding feeling you are no longer alone. There is some amazing tension building. From page one to the final climax is a steady and suspenseful escalation. The characters are perfectly flawed, each with a burdened past that forged them into who they are today, and the influence Lauren and David have on one another pushes them towards the people they must be. With antagonists you will despise, and protagonists you can really root you’ll be whisked along on a journey filled with action, suspense, romance, danger, and a quest for survival.


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