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Book review: A Not So Immaculate Conception – Crystal Estell (@EstellsPlace)

Lacey had a ten-year plan. She was on track, prioritising work, focusing on blueprints, reviewand most importantly, pushing aside her personal life to ensure she got the contract of a lifetime. All was on track until words from an elderly woman set her on edge. Lacey knew she couldn’t be pregnant. She hadn’t had sex for eleven months, or so she thought, and yet the tests confirmed it. The doctor advised, while rare, sex-related amnesia is not unheard of. She remembered flashes of the steamy dream, but the face of her lover evades her. With nothing else to do, she begins her hunt for the father, drawing Zak, a work friend, closer into her life as her condition threatens to see the contract slip through her fingers. Lacey has a plan for everything, but a baby and love was not in the cards. Can she find the father who brought her a night of mind-blowing passion, and can she separate the truth between the life she is pretending to have with Zak and the feelings she really harbours?

A Not So Immaculate Conception by Crystal Estell is a brilliant romantic comedy it had a Bridget Jones’ baby kind of vibe to it, and it would certainly make a movie people would fall over themselves to see. I loved Lacey’s character, her cute, clumsy, yet driven, serious, and stubborn personality makes her instantly likeable, and the building tension between her and Zak is brilliant. There were moments that sent my stomach aflutter. The complicated relationships, along with the web of secrets and lies, add to the tension and humour. Lacey had a plan for everything and her failure to plan sent her world spinning, and set at every turn sweet Zak is there, waiting, giving her space, or holding her close. The humour in this book left me chuckling, and the romance was so beautifully scripted there were times you wanted to shake Lacey until she saw everything her own stubbornness was forcing her to miss. Romance, suspense, tension, and humour make this a wonderful and fun read.

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