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Book review: The White Wolf Prophecy – Scroll of Time – Book 3 by LK Kelley

Scroll of Time is the third book in The White Wolf Prophecy Series, having read the other scroll 1two I was looking forward to seeing where the author would take the protagonists and how the series would be concluded.

The book itself continues to focus around the four female protagonists, their mates, and the antagonist Zanack.This book does well in tying up the plot, exposing the truth behind what is happening and why, as well as creating some very interest and in depth reasons and mythos behind the how and why everything within the book until this point occurred, including evens such as the Vampire wars.

One of the main mysteries throughout the series was the identify of the antagonist, and if you read the book you are certainly in for a surprise. But that of course is not the only twist and surprise this book has in store, there are events that unfold you cannot imagine and powers developed beyond what is expected.

I can’t say any more without spoiling the story, but I would certainly recommend starting at book one in the series.

As always, here are the links:

UK: Scroll of Time

US: Scroll of Time



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