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Book review: Displaced by Stephen Drake

Displaced is a dystopian, fantasy sci-fi written by Stephen Drake and is the first book in 12380247_442507529266888_660139500_nthe Displaced series.

Murdock’s upbringing was considered anything but normal to the masses, raised by his father and uncle he was taught to hunt, to be a survivor. When he awakes on a distant planet he knows these skills will be tested to their fullest. He, and the others in the transport pod, had been rejected. They served no purpose, had no value, to Earth’s new masters. Stranded on a world where survival skills should be the only real currency there are those who crave power above all else and will stop at nothing to obtain it. One such man is Whittier, and he knows all too well how dangerous a man like Murdock can be to his plans. He would rather cast him out than lose control. On a new and dangerous world, where humans are not the apex predator, loyalty is paramount, and survival is not a given. The people here must get their priorities straight if they plan to survive.

I have to say I really loved this book, a phrase I never utter lightly. The characters are magnificent, the plot is gripping, engaging, and casts a light on humanity at its best and worst. Stephen Drake creates an imaginative world wrought with danger and peril, yet humans seem to be the thing to fear most. The author’s style is immersive, filled with great dialogue and breath-taking descriptions. A truly brilliant book for lovers of fantasy and sci-fi. I personally will be eagerly awaiting more work from this talented author.

This is certainly a book I would recommend.

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author, book review, reading, Recommended Books

Book Review: Dusk and Summer by Joseph Pinto

Dusk and Summer by Joseph Pinto is a beautiful heart warming story. Written in the first dusk and summerperson narrative and combining tragedy with seeds of urban fantasy. It follows the heartbreaking tale of a son sent on a final request from his father, as he lies dying. “Find me from Tolten.” This last adventure is one of discovery, a son recalling and remembering the greatness of his father during his journey, gaining new insight into the man he loved and respected and one needed as much by the son as the father. But there was more to his father than he realised, and mysteries which may never be explained.

Joseph Pinto knows how to write pain. He is an expert at bringing to life vivid and heart-wrenching emotions in a way a reader cannot help but feel the grief of the main character. His pain is yours to share. Dusk and Summer beautifully portrays a father son relationship, from hero worship to deep respect. The finally crafted imagery  is pure poetry casting a spell of beauty over a tragic, yet magical tale. This book is about loss and captures it in a pure and real form. It is a truly amazing read.

This is one book I highly recommend, touching, engrossing and magical. As an added incentive Joseph Pinto will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this book to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. I myself have already gifted a copy to someone I know will enjoy it.

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