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Book review: Not Right Now – K Thomas (@SenlisHasWings)

In K Thomas’, Not Right Now, Senlis was a Nephilim, it was normal for her to be beyond empathic, she absorbed emotions and energy from people, but she couldn’t control it, nor could she remember the past that should have come to her so easily. In her dreams, or sometimes even when awake, visions of the past haunt her, centering around Johan, someone she hopes is long gone from their lives. Add these factors to the art of trying to balance Benny and Hunter as they clash, and she really doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. So when something happens and an opportunity it to change things presents itself, what choice is there but to be pulled along for the ride, hoping to right a wrong and hopefully find answers.

Not Right Now is the second book in K Thomas’ Time to Wake series, Having not read the first book in the series, I was a little concerned I would lose key elements, especially at the beginning, but as the chapters progress the author does a good job in bringing the readers up to speed to the point everything that’s occurring is understandable despite us having missing pinnacle events in the first book. I enjoyed the character development, the scenes between Sen and Hunter were brilliantly written to portray the unfolding of their relationship, heat and sweetness along with uncertainty, barriers, and doubts all factor in to this, especially given that Hunter has thousands of years worth of memories of his time spent beside Sen, memories she lacks. With great characters and a unique plot, it will have you hooked in no time. Packed with action and adventure, with a sprinkling of magic, romance and a generous dash of paranormal, this book combines all my favourite elements in a gripping and enjoyable way that not only has me wanting to read the first book, but waiting for the next in the series, I mean with an ending like that, how could I not what to know what comes next?

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