Book review: The Society #StalkerProblems by Ivy Smoak (@IvySmoakAuthor)

Ash had really struck the booby prize when it came to marriage. Thank goodness that was behind her now, even if it had left her penniless with a dating disaster under her belt that made her want to embrace the life of a hermit. She had nothing, nothing that is, but Tuesday and Thursdays. For a few minutes on those two days she could forget it all as her stalker locks eyes with her, and for one moment she can pretend she isn’t a walking disaster, a menace to manhood everywhere. When a black envelope appears inviting her to an exclusive sex club on the night of her divorce party it seems like all fun and games … this is a world where wishes are granted and all she had to do is sign on the dotted line and her wildest fantasies are hers for the taking … and maybe, just maybe, her stalker will be too.

The Society #StalkerProblems by Ivy Smoak may just be my new favourite book. This book is literally everything. Funny, steamy, troubled, and mysterious you’ll seriously be hooked from the go. There was only thing that frustrated me and that was the fact I couldn’t get a few hours to myself to sit and read it without being interrupted. It was so freaking amazing that even when I was forced to put it down, it wouldn’t leave my thoughts. Ash is an amazing character and from now on, my oh too common incidents are now called doing an Ash, I’m not even kidding I’ve used it at least twice already. She is probably one of the best characters I’ve ever read, she’s neurotic, hysterical, and sexy, her internal monologue is amazing, and her character comes complete with a rich background story and amazing growth through the plot. I mean, wow, it must have taken so much to write such an engaging and vibrant character. I loved the complexities of this book, the cameo appearances, the cringe worthy moments, and the victories. And don’t even get me started on Tanner. I need to know everything. Hotter and more hysterical than Matthew Caldwell’s flaming … well I won’t finish that reference, but those who know, know, and if you don’t, find out. If you only read one book, get this one.

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