Book review: The Holy Truth – Abdulilah Hamadi

It all started with the death of a professor. A fatal neurotoxin discovered in his blood hinted murder. But there was more afoot, and David Lipton finds himself thrust headfirst into a world he had no idea existed when research for his next story leads to secrets people would literally kill for. The last thing he expected when he purchased the documents was to be drawn into a plot straight from one of his books. What he thought was an innocent and exciting find could become the very thing of nightmares. Can he get to the bottom of this mystery, or will he be joining the dead left in the wake of the secret society who will go to any length to ensure order? Find out in Abdulilah Hamadi’s The Holy Truth.

The Holy Truth by Abdulilah Hamadi is a cross between religious and crime fiction. The author does a brilliant job in explaining the ins and outs of the secrets society ensuring the antagonists drive and motivations are clear from the very start. Rich in history of this society the reader is given insider knowledge of the workings and drives, making us fear more for our protagonists, who accidently stumbled into a world he had no concept of and dangers unforetold. They say curiosity killed the cat, and it certainly holds true here with hitmen on his tail for what he thought was just another puzzle to be solved and story to be written David really has his hands full. I can clearly see how much research had gone into this book to make everything viable from the use of a little known drug, to the in depth structure of the secret society and its influence. The Holy Truth is not short of action, nor the weighted pendulum of doom as David tries to stay one step ahead of those who would see him murdered.

I listened to the Holy Truth on Audiobook narrated by Mathew Welding and Carol Carpenter. It has been some time since I last had time to sit back and enjoy an audiobook. I have to say I really enjoyed this, the quality of the audio is brilliant. I loved the addition of atmospheric noises and dual narration which really helped you hear the difference between the characters. I enjoyed how the narration was filled with the emotions and tension that mirrored the plot. Without a doubt the narrator of this book has rekindled my interest in audiobooks.

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