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Book review: Illusion – Joseph Phelps

They say those who fail at higher education turn to a life of crime. In this instance a life of crime is exactly the name of the 21st century based immersive game Kurt finds himself drawn into after being expelled. At first it was a way of reconnecting with Jimmy, but as the stakes increase and Illusion is on the brink of being dominated by an unstoppable force, it becomes about something more. Kurt see a chance to do something important, something that will really make a difference,  but in order to pull it off he must risk losing the very thing he wants to protect.

Illusion is a litRPG by Joseph Phelps and it is one hell of a ride, the plot manipulation aspects of fable combine with the high action and violence of Grand Theft Auto and a skill levelling system, something akin to Skyrim, to provide the reader with a non-stop head spinning, action-packed ride through the crime filled streets of Illusion. This book has everything from art heists and shoot outs, to high speed car chases and all out war, not to mention bosses, raids, and drama all unfolding at breakneck speed that propels you through the book. Hold on tight because you’re certainly in for one hell if a ride. Engaging characters, entertaining and fun plots, quests and raids all collide in this gripping tale that leaves you hungry for more.

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