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Book review: Reckless- Michelle Heard (@MichelleAHorst)

Mia loved her brother, she loved his friends, they were close, family, until one day after they left for New York they no longer had time for her in their life. They stopped calling, stopped texting, forgot about her, leaving her alone and rejected.  For four years it was as if she didn’t exist, for four years she grieved her isolation, and for the boy she loved but could never have, but just as she’s getting her life in order he walks back in her life, and nothing is quite what it appeared.

Reckless is book two in Michelle Hearts 5 book enemies to lovers romance. This book centres around Mia and Logan, but we still have other stories developing and I can say, without a doubt in my mind, I’ll be reading this entire series. This book is a seriously emotional journey, you’ll be dragged along on a torrent of emotions from heartbreak and sadness, to joy and happiness. There was just one rule amongst the Screw Crew, sisters were off limits. But Logan and Mia couldn’t help the way they felt for each other, nor did any of them understand exactly how their actions had affected the girl they’d left behind. Amazing, intense, and gripping, I can’t wait to read the next one.

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