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Book review: Heartless – Michelle Heard (@MichelleAHorst)

Della had no time for boys. She was earning her degree, working to pay her way, because her succeeding wasn’t just about her. It was about the little sister she left at home. Their parents had died when they were still young, and she needed to make sure her sister was looked after. The plan was simple, work hard, get a degree, get a job look after Jamie. She hadn’t expected to become the focus of the screw crew’s latest bet, or the focus of Carter’s ire. The worst part was, there was something about him, even when he made her life hell she wanted to surrender. $400, that was the prize of the bet, but she had no idea that their game would change her life forever.

Heartless is book one in Michelle Heard’s, An Enemies To Lovers Novel (5 Book series) and I can already tell it is going to be one amazing journey. From the onset you are drawn into Della’s world and you can’t help but relate to her and the unique and vibrant characters that cross her path. There were moments in this book that left me with a lingering feeling of dread, and others that made me chuckle. A nice easy and engaging read with plenty of heat, action, and suspense. I can say without a doubt I’ll be picking up book two.

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