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Book review: Careless – Michelle Heard (@MichelleAHorst)

Leigh Baxter wasn’t your normal nineteen year old college student. Already a doctor, she’d taking a break before pursuing her passion, the heart, but while she’d an expert on the ins and outs of this organ, love is a concept she hasn’t fully grasped, although she felt she was close when she crossed path with Jaxon, the arrogant, frustrating man that pushed all kinds of buttons she didn’t know existed. On the cusp of tragedy he held her for one night and took everything she was. She could have loved him, if she hadn’t needed so desperately to hate him. Years later their paths are destined to cross once more, the man she needed to hate, the man she could have loved, stands before her, needing her in more ways than she could ever have thought possible.

Careless is book 3 in Michelle Heard’s Enemies to Lovers series and centres around Jaxon, the alpha male with a heard of stone, and Leigh a genius who values facts over emotions. when their paths collide both experience something they thought impossible. Having read the other books in the series, I could see straight away where this was going to fit, and I couldn’t wait. book two was an emotional ride which picked up pace as we follow not only Jaxon’s story arc, but Marcus’ too. I really enjoy characters that are well-written and appreciate the individual spirit of each character I’ve been introduced to in the series. I honestly can’t wait to read the remaining books and see how everything turns out

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