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Book review: The Anti-Bachelorette – T.L. Quinn

Emory loved her dad, since her mother first dropped him at her door and left when she was five years old they had been inseparable. She’d also loved working side by side with him, until she came back from vacation to find an antagonistic, arrogant asshole had taken over as foreman on the site. As an old friend of her father’s, Alaric had gone from being absent to everywhere, and she hated him, they pushed each other’s buttons and got under one another’s skin. The anti-bachelorette party seemed like the perfect place to blow off some steam, but he was there too, and one stupid dare changed everything.

The Anti-Bachelorette is an enemies to love romance by T.L. Quinn. From the start we are drawn into plot through the first-person perspective of Emory, a developed and vibrant character who engages the reader from the start. I loved how I could really feel the mutual distain between Alaric and Emory, which made the push and pull of their relationship all the more enjoyable. Conflict, passion, and a touch of danger combine to deliver the kind of read you want to out down, even if it means going to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

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