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Book review: The Great Balance – Terrene A. Davenport

In Terrene A. Davenport’s The Great Balance Brie had been haunted by nightmares since the death of her mother, dark figures and sinister occurrences plaguing her sleep. But little does she know that these night terrors are just the tip of her troubles. For years she has worked to get her fashion business of the ground, and with great publicity and a plan, it’s ripe for explaining, the thing is, she knows never to take risks with her own money, so an investor is just what she needs. But this investor brings more than money to the table, he brings trouble, and now it’s too late to turn away.

The Great Balance is book one in Terrene A. Davenport’s An Angel and Saviour Fantasy Adventure Sage written from the first person perspective of a handful of characters. The author does a brilliant job with pacing and the introduction of mystery, secrets, and intrigue that ensure you want to keep reading. From the moment we met Brie I knew I was going to like her as a character, strong, independent, yet also troubled and seeking guidance. When that guidance comes, it’s in the form of Eric, an enigmatic man who lays her destiny at her feet. Mystery, intrigue, romance, suspense, and fear mingle in an epic search and recover style adventure where Brie must not only find what Eric asks of her, she must also find herself. With great pacing, imaginative antagonists, and realistic characters, this cross between science fiction, action adventure, and religious fiction is sure to keep everyone happy.

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