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Book review: Storm of Emotions – Tabitha Womack (@TabithaWomack_1 )

The last thing Kerah wanted to do was run. She was a proud warrior, strong, fast, loyal. She wanted to stand and fight beside her uncle as the world crumbled around them. Instead she was torn from the battle, dragged out to sea, and announced to be her uncle’s heir. But misfortune followed her even on the waters. A violent storm takes everything, leaving her at the mercy of their rescuers. But their safety has a price. Impressed by her strength and intellect, the captain of the ship decides he will take her as his wife, and there is nothing she can do to change his mind. But trouble has followed her from Egypt, and old obsessions will not lie. Especially when a vast fortune and a beautiful woman is the prize for the victor.

Storm of Emotions by Tabitha Womack is a historical romance set in the 1800s. I have to admit, I’m not normally one for historical romance but this one really pulled me in. With a strong cast of characters, filled with intrigue, mystery, and their own agendas, it is easy to find yourself swept up in their tale. I loved how well the Scottish accent was written, I always enjoy it when an author goes that extra mile and, instead of saying, he spoke with a Scottish accent, uses appropriate words and phonetic spellings to really breathe life into the engaging dialogue. Being a collection of three books, I enjoyed following the story and watching it unravel in surprising and entertaining ways. Action, pride, adventure, and loyalty all merge to create a gripping plot that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

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