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Book review: A Price to Pay – Jason Hubbard

In Jason Hubbard’s A Price to Pay, Melindra awoke with no idea who she was. The face in the mirror was unfamiliar, the people she should know, strangers. But her instincts told her not to let on, that not everyone near her could be trusted if they saw her weakness. It’s hard to play along with plans when you don’t know what it is you’re doing and fear asking too many questions. But one thing becomes clear, she is not the person she thought she should be. When fragments return, and she sees the truth of her past, she has a decision to make, to continue on her current path, or embrace the life once led. No matter her decision there will be a cost, but which price is she willing to pay?

A Price to Pay by Jason Hubbard is an epic fantasy that explores the concept that one person has the power to change the world, for better or for worse. The third person narrative is descriptive and engaging allowing you to get a great feel for the world and characters. I enjoyed the travel to alternate worlds and Melindra’s interpretations on things she hasn’t seen before on Earth as she relates it to the knowledge she has. I’ve read countless amnesia stories, and thought this was executed really well, with a few questions and twists included along the way. I enjoyed the way flashbacks were brought in via diary entries, and the complex plotting and undertakings that develop through the plot. I thought the idea of how the Fire, the source of magic in a person, is obtained was unique and found myself drawn towards some of the side characters. Although their roles were small, their influence was great. A great fantasy with everything from magic and war, to vampires and a play for power as one woman fights to make a decision that will influence the very future of the world.

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