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Book review: Chris Rush – 13 Dead (@ChrisRush101)

There was a rule passed down from generation to generation. Never, ever, venture into into the woods outside Coolgreany. But when things start to go wrong for Danny, and the old outcast is spotted on the borders of the forest, he is certain this figure is behind his hardship. Just as his father did, Danny seeks him out, wanting answers, revenge for his misfortune, but one should not cross someone rumoured to deal in dark magic unless they are willing to pay the price. He should have thought it through, then perhaps what came to pass would never have happened.

13 dead by Chris Rush is an atmospheric, fast-paced horror that with make your pulse race and toes curl. The characters are realistic and relatable and the author has an uncanny ability to make you also appreciate the antagonist’s perspective. Dark, gritty, and harrowing this is a read that will creep straight into the hearts and minds of horror lovers and stay with them long after the final words have come to pass.

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