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Book review: P. G. R. Wright – Almighty : Allmachtig (@Pwthedreamer574)

Escaping an abusive father Fabienne flees finding herself a job at Almighty, a house designed to protect and look after the disabled children they know Hitler would see dead. After an eventful day in Berlin Fabienne finds herself tracked down by a German soldier who had seen them. Jurgen wants nothing more than to return the bag she dropped as they ran, and, maybe take the charming young lady to a dance.  But when soldiers’ sights fall on killing anyone inferior they are forced to flee, and Jurgen must choose between loyalty and love.

I don’t normally read books set in historical periods, but after a friend recommended Almighty : Allmachtig to me I thought I would give it a go, and I am really glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed how the author portrayed the time period, combining it with the Fabienne’s own struggles to create a deep and realistic plot that will keep any reader engaged. Atmospheric, descriptive, and filled with twists, turns, and heartbreak, you are plunged into the brutal times of world war 2. From horror and tragedy to romance there is something for everyone. I particularly appreciated how the author was able to provide information about the time and events without it becoming like reading a historical fact sheet, the details were ingrained seamlessly, never too much or little, thus creating a perfect balance for a character-driven plot.

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