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Book review: R.L. Wood – Dark Little Women (@RLWoodBooks)

Dorian made a deal with the devil, so the story goes. Immortality, and a picture that takes on all her life’s ails. But things don’t always work out as expected and a new deal in made. Dorian will provide the devil with soldiers for his immortal army, yet she wants to seek their redemption. The clock is ticking, the devil wants his troops and Dorian wants to save as many as she can from this fate and allow them to live their remaining life as mortals, free from the devil’s grasp.

Dark Little Women is a gripping and suspenseful read by R.L. Wood. I loved this modern take on old classic monsters. Filled with action, treachery, uncertainty, and the bonds of friendship. The clock is ticking, the pressure is mounting and as a reader you are there for every second of the nail-biting experience as you delve into the past and fear for the future of the characters you so quickly come to love. Well written, smooth, and perfectly paced to keep you hooked and questioning. Thrilling from beginning to end.

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