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Book review: D.M.Z. Liyanage – Axel Lennart and the Bright Darkness (@z_liyanage)

Time is running out. Every second passing is another chance for Axel’s enemies to find the weapon, the black box that could destroy everything. With nothing more than fragmented clues Axel and his friends must uncover its hiding place before the protection stopping The Raven disappears and everything is lost. Unable to accept or deny his heritage Axel must find a way to stop the greatest threat the universe has ever known, while not becoming the very thing her fears the most. Time is running out, and if the black box falls into the wrong hands it will spell the end of all.

Axel Lennart and the Bright Darkness is Volume II in the Axel Lennart series. Having read the first I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this, and I must admit I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first. I really enjoyed the combination of technology and magic, along with descriptive world building and rich histories. Action, adventure, and danger will keep you turning the page as you wait with baited breath to see Axel is able to come to terms with who he is. The author’s smooth writing style will capture the reader’s attention, while the comradery and friendship between allies will capture their hearts.

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