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Book review: T. B. Elizabeth – Trust Me

Jordyn Jensen had got used to the abuse, to the beatings. But that one night Devon took things too far. In fear for her life she calls Maggie and finds herself in the one place Devon won’t think to look. While running from her past she didn’t expect to find a chance of a future. She needed to find, repair and rebuild herself. But then she meets Sam, and she is nowhere near prepared for what he makes her feel. She is broken, he is hurting, but perhaps together they can build something better than if they were alone. The problem is, Jordyn isn’t ready, her instinct is to run, to protect herself. Can Sam find a way to reach her, or will she forever be beyond his reach?

Trust me, is book one in the Blake Family Ranch series, and there is so much to love about this book. The alternating first-person perspectives between Sam and Jordyn allow the reader full insight into each characters hopes, fears, and challenges as both of them come face to face with something they dare not imagine. Both want to protect themselves, yet Sam doesn’t fight himself as hard as the broken and uncertain Jordyn and swears to make himself someone she can run to, not from. I really loved the characters in this book, with a real and relatable feel to them, and the feeling of warmth and family at the ranch it is hard not to be drawn in. This is a sweet romance in every sense of the word and a true hole hearted to whole hearted tale. Chemistry, challenges, and uncertainty follow the protagonists as they both fear and long to understand the connection they have. Beautifully written with vivid descriptions, this is a must for romance lovers.

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