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Book review: Lucid Dreams – Ocean Bloom

Bjorn thought things couldn’t get any worse. He lost his job after his arse of a boss threw him under the wagon for something he had warned him would happen, his mother committed suicide, and his savings were slowly draining away as he spiralled into a world of sleeping pills and alcohol. He wasn’t sure which way to turn. Just as things seem hopeless an offer finds him. He can relive the glory days, re-enact his proudest accomplishment. He can target those who are doing wrong and force them to do something good. The thing is, everything isn’t as it seems. The organisation isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Desperate, he accepts the offer, but soon comes to realise his mistake. Can he use their own politics and technology against them and break free of their control, or is there only one way to get out now he’s in?

Lucid Dreams by Ocean Bloom is a gripping psychological thriller that draws you into Bjorn’s life as he tries to make sense of things and stop his life spiralling. As I was reading I couldn’t help but draw parallels to popular shows like Mr. Robot, as this thrilling adventure takes you into the heart of the character’s complicated mind as he tried to out think the creator who is always several steps ahead. Intelligent and gripping this will hold your attention from beginning to end. I enjoyed watching the events unfold as everything came together and new discoveries and concerns came into play. This truly was an entertaining read that will satisfy lovers of psychological thrillers.

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