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Book review: L.J. Shen – Broken Knight (@lj_shen)

At two years old, when Luna had spoken the most important words of her small life, they reviewhad made no difference. Not the tiniest bit. She decided then and there if words couldn’t stop what happened, then they were not important, she had no further use for them. Growing up selectively mute she was the focus of ridicule, but there was always Knight, her warrior, her protector. The problem with knights though is the women love them, and this was certainly true for her best friend. Women fell over themselves just to be in the same room. Luna loved him, ride or die, that was their thing. Always. He had saved her growing up, but when she left him behind what they had was broken and as his life spirals out of control she wonders what she can do. Some times things change, sometimes a damsel needs to save their knight.

L.J. Shem’s Broken Knight is a perfectly paced romance complete with heartbreak, betrayal, deception, and love. But love is never a simply journey it must be fought for, earned, paid for. I loved the characters in this book, they really do jump straight from the page an into your heart. Witten in alternating first-person perspective we are give front row seats to watching Knight’s spiral as his world spins out of control, while Luna not only find herself, but rebuilds herself to become everything Knight needs, even if what he needs is not her. As you watch the lives of these characters unfold there is no way not to become invested in their story, in their struggles, angst, and desperation. An enjoyable read from the first page to the last.

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