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Book review: Nicole Snow – Still Not Over You (@NicoleSnowBooks)

For years Kenna had pined over her older brother’s friend. He had shown her kindness reviewwhen no one else had. But all that changed the day she read his diary and discovered a darker side to the boy she loved. Their relationship was fractured forever, he hated she had seen that part of him, he didn’t just push her away, he launched her into an entirely different existence, one where they were enemies, where they couldn’t even bear to look at each other. She tried to move on, but her life was a mess. With her rent increasing, her newest romance book rejected, she couldn’t afford to stay living where she was. That was when her brother offered a temporary solution. Landon was leaving on business and needed someone to watch his beach house. Homeless or a brief moment of awkwardness, it wasn’t much of a choice. But as soon as she came face to face with him her walls crumbled. Running would be easier, but her heart tells her to stay, to try to repair the rift. The past is not over yet, the future is not written, and the ghosts from Landon’s past still haunt his present and guide his hand. Can Kenna repair their friendship, repair the man life had fractured?

Still not over you by Nicole Snow is an enemies to lovers romance penned with raw emotion, passion, and skill. Landon and Kenna are deep characters with some amazing chemistry between them and a life that has drilled into them all the reasons why what they have between them could never work. The push pull motion of this book as the characters deny and resist what is between them is beautifully written and the escalating sense of danger adds to the heightening suspense as Landon continues to chase after the darkness in his past, an act which could very well destroy everything he cares about, both the things he acknowledges and those he is hell bent on ignoring. Tense, suspenseful, steamy, and dangerous, this book will keep lovers of the romance genre entertained and turning those pages.

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