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Book review: Abigail Strom – Tell Me (@AbigailStrom)

Jane was happy to indulge in her fantasies, unlike Caleb, her teenage crush and her sister reviewSam’s business partner, she was happy to keep her adventures in her mind. But lately, he’s been having his own fantasies. He and Sam were close, like siblings, but at one point he stopped seeing Jane as his little sister, he noticed her curves, her beauty in a way no one ever had. The problem was Jane was too good for a one night stand, and there was no chance he would commit himself to a relationship. Then the unthinkable happens, a tragedy strikes and he must pick up the pieces, both of them are broken, could they find comfort and healing in one another, or are their differences, their heartbreaks, too much to overcome?

Tell Me by Abigail Strom is a bittersweet love story, bittersweet in the sense the main theme of the book is so emotional and impactful with feeling of loss which is onset by the love and affection between Sam and Jane. I loved how the characters just step from the page, so life-like, vivid, and emotionally real. At more than one point this book had me on the verge of tears due to the powerful and emotional writing that forces you to share the loss and heartbreak while rewarding you with sweet sentiments and blossoming romance. There are so many themes to this book from sibling rivalry all the way through to personal growth and compromise. Heartbreak, romance and deep characters will keep you hooked on an entertaining plot that belongs with the greats. Without a doubt Tell Me has earned its place on my recommended reading list because this is a story that won’t let you go from start to finish and engages the reader emotionally.

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