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Book review: Donna Alam – Liar Liar (@word_hoor)

When Rose finished her shift at the strip bar that night she had no idea how much her reviewlife was going to change. Arriving home early in the morning she is taken by surprise by an attacker, only to discover he wasn’t trying to hurt her, he was hurt and needed help. The hospital assumed she was his girlfriend, and she hadn’t corrected them, meaning this French-speaking hottie was all hers when he was released for observation. The problem was she didn’t speak a word of French. Although some time actions speak louder than words. When he leaves she thought she would never see him again, but the French man is not who she thought he was, and their paths are tangled in ways she could never imagine.

Liar Liar is a romantic comedy written by Donna Alam that will have you laughing out loud, while taking you on an emotional rollercoaster as Remy and Rose’s lives clash, attract, repel, and take disastrous turns. I enjoyed the engaging writing style and scene setting along with the gradual build of the plot and complications of the relationship. This is not just a tale of finding love, Remy’s injuries were no accident, and other events that unfold that lead him to believe someone is seeking to take his life, to hurt him, and sometimes the easiest way to hurt someone is by going after something they love.

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