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Book review: Hayleigh Sol – Book review

Sophie had been eagerly awaiting the next romance book from her favourite author for reviewtoo long. Content with her single life she was happy to get her injection of romance this way. What she wasn’t expecting was for the book to present an opportunity of something more. Someone had read it before her, leaving something inside she couldn’t help but cringe at. A sex scene, possibly the worst ever written. Her pen was flying across the paper before she even knew what was happening. It was her way of venting, her way of explaining everything that was wrong with the brief dispassionate fumble. She hadn’t meant to put it back in the book, nor expect for the author to track her down seeking further insights. Both had been hurt, their view of love and romance jaded, but will working together help them heal, could they find something more, something worth being written about, or will they protect themselves and their hearts?

Hayleigh Sol’s Book Review is a sweet romance tale occurring between the lead characters Jax and Sophie. I loved the unique approach to this romance and the will they won’t they hook that progresses throughout. The book itself is more centred around the building of a relationship than the typical romance read, where as the injections of hot and steamy come through their writing and the occasional reaction to things they have sent each other.  The characters’ vulnerabilities and insecurities play a huge role in this book as they form an amazing friendship, scared to take it to something more. I really enjoyed how their paths never seemed to cross, neither knowing what the other looked like as they worked, respecting each other’s privacy. Humour, passion, insecurities, fear, and friendship are central to this plot and its engaging third person, that shifts between Jax and Sophie’s perspective, is seamless and engaging.


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