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Exciting news – The Dream Walker

It seems to be the week for exciting news, yesterday I announced my series has a new merchandise line, today I am pleased to inform you that the final book in the Forgotten Legacies series, The Dream Walker, is now with my publishers.

I was really excited to finally be able to send it off. I struggled with a number of delays in getting this title completed due to the loss of a close family member, but now it is done, polished, and just awaiting the publisher’s magic. With any luck it could be hitting your kindle as early as autumn.


Thanks for baring with me through the delays. It breaks my heart my nan isn’t here to see the final conclusion. She was an amazing woman and supported my dream of writing since I was a young girl. She brought me my first typewriter when I was about eight, and I still remember how often I used the back space button to type over a typo, leaving a big angry dark letter over the mistake. It certainly wasn’t as forgiving as computers, especially when my spelling at that age was awful and my mind used to race ahead while my fingers lagged behind. Years later, when I was first published, she dedicated an entire section of her wall to me, printing out reviews and cutting out newspaper articles and pinning them in her hall so anyone who visited had to walk past them. I miss her so much, especially at times like this, times when I know she would have looked upon me with pride.

I hope you enjoyed the mini teaser above, and watch this space for more news on The Dream Walker as it becomes available.

Take care everyone

Ks the Dreamer x



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