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Book review: Julia Sutton’s The School of Dreams (@booksbyjulia72 )

Sophie, Evelyn, Juliette, Ann, and Will, five people from completely different walks of reviewlife, from rich spoilt housewife to struggling single mum, oppressed teenager to a woman jaded by the hand life dealt. They have nothing in common, except for the fact they all enrolled in the same English degree. Each is in pursuit of their own dreams, a life that belongs to them beyond the confines of society and responsibility. This is their journey, their story as they follow the path to their dreams and discover what it truly means to be chasing a dream.

Julia Sutton’s The School of Dreams is as much a romance story as it is a book on self-discovery. Thrust into five lives the reader soon appreciates the characters’ strifes and struggles, some are innocent difficulties, others far more deep rooted, but what there isn’t, are any beyond believe. This down to earth, real feel book really embraces making relatable realistic characters to will enjoy getting to know and following on their journey and is presented with a smooth and flowing narrative.

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