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Book review: M.J. Sewall – Seven Ways to Jane (@MJSewall)

Jane had wanted to be a writer but with a quick last-minute panic, she changed her reviewspecialty and took job she didn’t really want, a safe job or so she thought. Jobless and forced to return home it seems her life is falling apart, no job, no boyfriend, no future, that is until Christian pitches an idea for a book she just had to write. What started as drunken comfort becomes a road trip of discovery into other Jane Waldens, but the premise is evolving, the plot thickens and the story is no longer the one she’s writing but something so much more.

M.J Sewall’s Seven ways to Jane is an on the road journey of self-discovery and romance. Written as a combination of journal entries and third-person narrative we follow Jane as she discovers through other Janes aspects of herself. I enjoyed the portrayal of the characters and the engaging dialogue which drives the plot forward. Secrets, romance, and adventure create a journey on perspective and discovery with hidden messages and insights.

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