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Book review: Jina S. Bazzar – Heir of Fury (@Jina_Bazzar )

It has been over three years since Roxanne donned the mantle of Remo’s familiar. Over reviewthree years in a stark, cold world obeying his every whim, following his every command, suffering and becoming the monster she always feared she would. She hunts for him, kills, and brings things through the portals that have no place here. Beings that will swell his ranks and create a force to be reckoned with. His latest task, however, will return her to Earth, back to the people she loves. But Remo never does anything without a reason. Roxanne knows if she is returning to Earth it is to further his ambition beyond the duty she has been given. For Earth, but three weeks have passed, three short weeks. Roxanne knows she must do everything in her power to protect those she loves, the world itself, but she must be clever, she cannot risk being discovered, risk tell Remo of her plans or those made by the Hunters who will try to stop him. Time is running out, the clock is ticking, and in the blink of an eye she could become the enemy, betray her friends, and bring devastation to the world. Can anything she do make a difference, can anything stand against a force so powerful? Find out in the gripping conclusion, don’t look away.


Jina S. Bazzar’s Heir of Fury is book three in the Roxanne Fosch files. I will be quite honest, this urban paranormal had me hooked from the first book. I read a lot, as such I normally start a series and flag book two for a later read if I really enjoyed it. That just wasn’t an option was this. I was so invested in the characters I read the entire series one book after the other within the space of 4 days. In fact, with book three I read it yesterday, staying up until some forsaken hour just to see how it ended. Every minute was it worth it. Everything about this author’s work strikes a chord, the characters are realistic, their plights relatable, their journey unmissable. Roxanne struggles through the countless trials, insecurities, and  the danger of being bound to Remo while trying to find a way to not only stop him in a way that is beyond his notice but a means to shatter the familiar bond tying her to him, a bond that with a single command could have her destroying everything and everyone she holds dear. The supporting cast is amazing, vivid characters with their own stories and distinctive personalities. Then of course, if action, danger, mythical beings, preternatural creatures and a race against time plot isn’t enough, there’s romance, a sweet, burning, passionate and heart-fluttering romance that as a reader you really feel and pine for. This series gets my full heartfelt recommendation, it is so alive with incredible descriptions and palpable emotions not to mention a flowing first-person narrative and engaging plot and sub plots for me this series became an addiction and I will confess to getting a little annoyed when anyone dared interrupt me because this is one book, one series, I didn’t want to put down.

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