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Book review: Jina S. Bazzar – Heir of Doom (@Jina_Bazzar)

Roxanne thought she was free. Yes, she was contracted to the Hunters but she could live reviewher life without looking over her shoulder, without worrying she would be dragged back to the PSS to endure more of their brutal experiments.  Her so-called clan had left her in their clutches for 9-years, sacrificed her to keep themselves safe and not once regretted their decision. Hell, they probably didn’t even think about it, they were probably just glad to get rid of the hybrid. But now she was out, training, learning, and living. That was until the clan needed to find a scapegoat for an unspeakable act, and where better to look than at the one whose very existence disgusts them. She has two weeks to prove her innocence, two weeks to free herself and her friends of the taint that follows their accusation and should she fail to do so everyone will pay the ultimate price.

Heir of Doom is book two in Jina S. Bazzar’s, Roxanne Fosch files and works well as a stand-alone read. Roxanne’s past actions return with force to not only bite her, but threaten her very future. The leader of her clan can’t even stand to look at her, let alone afford her the protection she should have received all her life. You can’t help but feel for her, in a new life a new city, yet she remains an outcast, alone amongst her so-called clan and despised by the Hunters. While the first book offered some steam and sizzle between Roxanne and Logan, this book takes a new turn as someone else steps up when her own clan once again disappoints her. I loved the character development and rising tensions. Revelations await about who she is, her past, and everything she has encountered so far. Action, insecurities, prejudice, animosity, and a dark scheme driven from the shadows propel the plot forward while Roxanne uncovers more about the life she should have had and the future that awaits her. She has some difficult choices to make, some impossible decisions. How much will she be willing to sacrifice to clear her name and safeguard the lives of the people she cares for?

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