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Book review: Joy Johnson – The Death Dealer Diaries

Mal knew what it was like to lose people. Her father vanished when she was young, and reviewher mother disappeared during her tenth winter.  But that was the way of the world. People vanished, hunted by Reapers who descend where humans gather. Survival was a daily struggle, thankfully it was one she did not have to face alone. But when the Reapers attack her village everything she knew was turned to cinders. Fleeing for their lives, Mal and her friends must find a way to survive, but everything is not as it may appear, and Mal finds herself not only on a quest for survival, but one for the truth.

Joy Johnson’s The Death Dealer Diaries is a dystopian tale with a religious rapture style theme. As the title implies, the book is presented in the form of diary entries as Mal, the owner of said diary, details her experiences as she and her friends fight to survive. Friendship blossoms and relationships change as a quest for survival turns into something more. Dread, foreboding, and betrayal turn Mal’s world upside down, as does the realization of things to come. A short but enjoyable tale that was fun to follow.

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