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Book review: Jina S. Bazzar – Heir of Ashes (@Jina_Bazzar)

At the age of twelve Roxanne Fosch was dragged away from the life she knew kicking reviewand screaming. And for nine years the screaming never stopped as she was poked, prodded, tortured, and abused to the point of death. She was something unique, something the Paranormal Scientists Society (PSS) had never before got their hands on and they wanted exploit this opportunity, to know exactly what she was capable of.  When she finally broke free of their hold she ran and never looked back. But they weren’t going to let her get away so easily. With a contract on her head and preternatural beings in pursuit it became impossible to know who is friend and foe, especially when someone approaches her in desperate need of her help, a help that could deliver her right back in the clutches of the PSS.

Heir of Ashes is the first book in The Roxanne Fosch Files.  This paranormal fiction ticks all the boxes. Packed with action, chaos, curiosity, secrets, deception, and danger along with a hint of romance it will certain leave you completely fulfilled while wanting more. The energetic first-person narrative really pulls the reader straight into the thick of it as you are thrust into Roxanne’s tumultuous life. Filled with heart-pounding action and a threat that is forever evolving it’s impossible to know who can be trusted. Roxanne is a great and well-developed character filled with moxie, charism, and fight and is perfectly supported by a strong cast of characters. Roxanne just wants to live her life, be free after years of torture and she will go to almost any lengths against any odds. She will not be taken back, and those who stand in her way of freedom will know true fear. Heir of Ashes has certainly earned a place on my recommended books list, and I have already added the second book in the series to my future reading. A deep and involved read for lovers of the paranormal genre, or anyone looking for a thrilling, dangerous adventure.

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