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Book review: Whitney Dineen – The Dream (@WhitneyDineen)

In Whitney Dineen’s, The Dream, moving to Creek Water was meant to be a new start, a reviewnew beginning for her and her mum. But on the first day of school Chad ensured she will never fit in, never belong. No one gave her the time of day unless it was to ridicule her. Seeing Davis, her secret high school crush, was the only thing that got her through, until on her final year she finally made a friend, Buck. Years later, still determined to prove herself, she works 2 jobs, one of which brings Davis back into her life. Fearful he may recognise her she pretends not to know him, which was a blessing since he seemed to have forgotten her, but her heart remembers. Ready to take a chance on romance she finds herself once more pining for her high school crush, when Buck returns, causing all manner of confusion. Her best friend already loves her, they are two sides of the same coin, but Davis has been her dream. With her past hanging over her, insecurities looming, she can’t trust her own mind anymore. Can she discover who and what she wants before it’s too late?
The Dream is book 4 in Whitney Dineen’s The Creek Water Series Book 4) I absolutely loved this book, I laughed, I cried, and was taken on a full rollercoaster ride of emotional investment. I loved the characters so completely that I never wanted the story to finish. I enjoyed how Whitney Dineen combined the past and present to allow us to get a full picture of Ashley’s life. The high school journal entries starting most chapters allowed us to see the past which haunts Ashley’s present, and added to her mindset of insecurity. I couldn’t believe how much this book spoke to me as a reader there was not a wasted word. Emotionally charged, beautifully penned, and such an amazing story, it deserves a place among the great rom-coms. It is perfect and guaranteed to please even the fussiest reader. One of the things I loved most was it wasn’t just a love story, it was also a message into accepting yourself, and letting go of of the past. Evolving friendships, high school crushes, and demons from the past are just the icing on the cake. The vivid characters are so believable you start to feel like part of the family, experience the highs and lows with them in a visceral way. It has been a long time since a book has affected me in such a deep manner, and that it did is a testament to the writer’s skills. This book has earned its place on my exclusive recommended reads list and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, after all, I will now be judging every rom-com I read by this exceptional standard.

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Note: I received this book from Readers’ Favorite prior to release and scheduled post to coincide with the book launch.


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