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Book review: Jo Wilde – The Crossing

Micki O’Sullivan had messed up, and with a step-father who can’t stand children, let reviewalone teenagers, it was just the excuse he needed to have her shipped off to her father in Eastwick. It would be a new beginning for her, but little did she know this little Louisiana town harbors a dark secret, and the new beginning she had intended is not the one she seems fated to received. Attempting to make friends she finds herself ambushed in a life-changing encounter. Exposed to vampire blood she is destined to cross, that is, unless she can discover the identity of the sire and kill them before it is too late.

Jo Wilde’s The Crossing is a paranormal tale of romance, friendship, and danger. Written in a compelling first-person narrative the reader will find themselves easily transported into the mind of Micki, something further facilitated by the fact the narrative fully embraces Micki’s age and remains true to her character throughout. With the looming threat of her crossing approaching Micki begins to learn to true meaning of friendship as her BFF, Candy, stands beside her. He is a great character, his sassy, charismatic energy, and humor mesh perfectly with Micki’s no nonsense attitude. She knows who she is and won’t compromise. The characters are well-presented and develop throughout the plot, and the scene setting flows nicely to create a good impression of the locations. Friendship, secrets, and danger come together in a ticking clock plot to make an enjoyable read for young adults and above.

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