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Book review: Adrea L Peters – Becoming Truitt Skye

In Adrea L Peters’s Becoming Truitt Skye, Truitt was responsible for the world of reviewhumanity and must protect it, regardless of the cost, and the sacrifice she made was great. Casting herself into the silver pool she lost everything she was and would never be the same again. Truvie is a 17-year-old genius, with a love for physics and something of an awkward social disposition. Everything made sense for her until the day she banged her head and ended up a needed emergency surgery. Transported to a place she doesn’t recognise, yet she is responsible for, Truvie must discover who she was and who she needs to be in order to save everything she had once sacrificed herself to maintain, but with the one who forced her into the pool, her murderer, on the loose there is no time to waste in relearning everything she has forgotten, and yet, part of her can’t help but wonder if this is real, or if it is something brought on by her injury. Either way she needs answers, and the only way to do that is by becoming who she once was, becoming Truitt Skye.
Becoming Truitt Skye by Adrea L Peters Is filled with imaginative and beautiful descriptions that effortlessly set mesmerising scenes in the reader’s mind, drawing them into the world and surroundings in a manner which is almost poetic. With an involved plot, you will want to give this book your full attention in order to appreciate the sheer amount of intricacies woven into the plot. Science combines with chaos and philosophy to ask some potent questions that, as a reader, you too will enjoy considering. This is a book that will make you think and while at times the science can perhaps seem a little intense for those without a good foundation, it is explained well. This book will lead you into a maze of questions, challenging what you think is real for the characters involved while throwing you the odd curveball to keep you on your toes. Engaging, well-paced, and filled with chaos, questions, and danger. If you enjoy books that make you think and keep engaged give Becoming Truitt Skye a try.


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